Privacy Policy

Our important focus point is keeping the user’s personal information in the best possible ways with full secure methods. And we do every possible step to achieve that target to keep users information safe. We take users personal information such as their name, address, phone number.

And we use this information when they are in the need to know anything about our website or have some query about our website. This information is stored in our database which is fully secured and no one is allowed to access that database. The main point lies in keeping our website safe and that is done with the help of safety software’s which are installed on our website for keeping our website away from any type of harmful entry.

We never do sharing of your personal information with any other person and will fist take permission from your side and when you are agree with the sharing of information with any other person then only we do the sharing of personal information.

Cookies are the small filed which are stored on the user’s browser which can keep the record of previous login and will help in keeping the websites performance better. Cookies play a big role in keeping the record on the users browser which is helpful for users to remember the details when he again do the login or do the website surfing.
Building and Pest Inspection
Building and Pest Inspection