About Us

We understand very well that buying of a property is not an easy deal, it requires a huge amount of investment as well also includes many types of legal formalities when it comes to purchasing of a house. We at building and pest inspection Australia are always there to help you regarding different types of building inspections by which problems relating to the building can be easily known and could be solved with very ease. We also provide you the pre purchase building and pest inspection service whenever required.

Our commitment towards you:
We always pride ourselves completely when it comes to giving you the very best as well as very high quality of service which is full of professionalism as well as courtesy which is very important at the time of performing inspections. We have a team of employees who are fully trained in the building and pest inspection besides this they have many years of experience in this field also have faced various types of problems as a result they are always ready to solve every kind of problem coming in their way. The building reports made by our team are very easy to understand as well as has various types of solutions that are essential for the client.

Our aim:
We come with a simple aim to benefit people, as more the satisfied would be the client more the referrals we would be getting. We have an uncountable list of happy clients for whom we have worked as a result we have made huge number of new clients by the referral from our previous happy clients. We provide completely unbiased as well as honest advice and service to our clients.

We have a very simple and affordable fees structure. We charge a less amount of percentage of fees according to the work done from our side. This fees structure is same for all people as we do not differentiate between people. We don’t have a system of hidden fees or extra fees; we charge the amount that has been decided prior to the contract. And the fees is always charged at the completion of the work.

Building and Pest Inspection