Building and Pest Inspection

Building and pest inspection Australia has a comprehensive range of services that are related to the building and pest inspection throughout the Australia. The services provided from our side cannot be compared as well as the services provided by our end are completely unbeatable.

We have been awarded to be one of the best building and Inspection Company throughout the Australia. We have many years of experience in this industry due to which we have turned to be highly experienced as well have a built a reputation regarding a very high quality services that have been given by us. We have a very long list of uncountable satisfied clients, due to which we have gained a huge amount of referral business forms.

We have always been committed throughout the process of building and pest inspection throughout the Australia. We make a complete note of providing information that is required by you throughout the process. We can also help you at the time of pre purchase transactions for your house. We take steps for you check the house that has been selected by you and we guide you completely regarding the problems that are occurring in your house.
Building and Pest Inspection
Pre Purchase Building Inspection
When any type of inspection is carried out on a building before its purchase it is known as the process of pre purchase building inspection.
Dilapidation Report
The overall defects that have been done to the property of a person are included in the dilapidation report.
Termite Inspection
Whenever any type of inspection is made to know whether there is any type termite attack in it then it is known as termite inspection.
Pool Inspection
The process of conducting different types of inspections on pool is known as the process of pool inspection.

Why Choose Us

  • We help our clients in getting the most efficient services as per their requirement.
  • We have a record of completing our work in a very short time period.
  • The fees charged by us are easily affordable by every class of people.
  • We understand your problems completely and make reports for the same to make you understand.
  • We provide detail notes of every problem and for the treatments related to them.
  • We have a team of well qualified as well as well trained people who are always there to help you.
  • The team we have at the building and pest inspection Australia has many years of experience and could easily deal with all types of problems that are related to buildings.
We help our clients by providing them building inspection reports with the outlines of the important as well as necessary issues that are related with the property of Australia. After that reports are made by us within 24 hours of the visit which is done by our highly qualified team. It is always advisable from our side that the client should also visit the site along with our inspectors to know the actual problem as well as for knowing the damage caused by them.

The reports made by us are completely unbiased, easy to read as well understand and comprehensive. We work according to the standards that have been decided by the Australian Standards. We also provide special hand written reports if required by the client.

Working of Building and Pest Inspection Australia:
  • At first the client books the appointment on the phone and he gets the appointment for the initial consultation by us, this consultation is completely free.
  • After the client visit we have a team of well trained people who conduct inspections at the client place.
  • After the visit reports are made regarding the estimated time and price, every note of problems occurring are explained very briefly.
  • All these reports made are submitted to the client.
  • If the client agrees to every point and finds it really worth working with us, he books us for the complete process of building and pest inspection.
  • After getting the final confirmation from the client side we start working as per our client need and provide special attention to the special places as per described by the client.
  • And finally we give the client very best results that have been said by us at the time of signing the contract.
  • Once our work is completed we charge our fees no advance payments are to be made in between or at the start of the process.
  • Even in future if client faces any type of problem related to building inspection he could feel free to contact us as we would help him out with every type of problem and that too without charging any kind of fees from him.
Building Inspection


K. James
“There is huge number of companies existing today that work for building and pest inspections. But the results given by them are many times not meeting the expectations for the same. As well as huge amount of loss is incurred on the fees as desired results are not achieved. “ - K. James
P. William
“I never expected that I would be getting such a perfect service with such an affordable budget with short time period. The people here are down to earth. They never consider any service or problem as big or small just work for getting things done for the people. Every time you meet a personalized service specially made for you. “ - P. William
K. Paul
“There was special attention required for certain corners of my house. I made the list of all that places and the team of building and pest inspection completely looked after it. I felt completely satisfied at the end of the work that was done by them. “ - K. Paul